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2018 Annual Three Specie Tournament Results


Thirty-eight Years of Fishing, Friends, and Fun

The 38th Annual Fall Tournament was another opportunity for the reunion of anglers who have become good friends and the addition of other Riley anglers wishing to experience the fall colors and good fishing that Fall offers. It is truly a time to experience the weather changes and abundant wildlife that emerges with diminished tourist traffic.

We missed some of our usual guests and hope that health improves and they are able to join us again as they were missed by ALL! We are grateful to have the Aloha crew join us each year. Their generosity is abundant and Maaggie LOVES the extra attention. It is always a pleasure to see the Klems crew another year, what a galant effort they make from PA to get here. Of course, the Bigelow's travel a distance too, from CO and it is always wonderful to catch up on how the family is doing. Biss was busy with many details and the Fisher crew had to go back early for work.....ugh!

The Larson;s were able to share info with the Morse group and of course Winklers kept things lively. Rick and Rusty fished hard and kept the Janush group on their toes. Of course, it is hard to beat the group from the Northwoods and their willingness to make it work. Each and every person has a unique gift and talent they shared.

The tournament is always a fantastic reunion of familiar faces that bring such joy. We look forward to the re=cap of yearly events and family milestones, which are shared in stories and photos. These moments are treasured by us, to have the privilege of seeing and being a part of how life is evolving for each family. It is Riley's hope that values and characteristics will be shared from one generation to another through steadfast guidance of admiration for the outdoors and what it has to offer. Up North exposure, what an outstanding theater to learn about ife and what it has to offer each of us.

As we ready for the 2020 Fall Tournament, we anticipate the return of familiear faces and catching up on the events of each person's life adventure. The stories from years gone by keep the dreams alive and remind us of the exciting times we have yet to share as life continues the journey. The Life of Riley invites you to return in 2020 and ask another group or person to enjoy the stories and memories that are made.

Here are the results of the tournament:

Johnny Neison - 5.98 lb.
Johnny Neison - 2.56 lb.
Tom Porter - 2.52 lb.
Ed Miller - 4.5 lb.
Ed Miller - 4.35 lb.
Bob Grauf - 4.09 lb.
Tom Robinson - 5.68 lb.
Mike Himstedt - 5.62 lb.
Mike Himstedt - 5.47 lb.

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