Waterfront Services

The waterfront area at Life of Riley is a well-protected harbor, comlete with over 450 feet of 8 ft wide dock space and a boat ramp for launching. The docks are floaters and thus maintain a constant level relative to the boats docked aongside. Dock boys are available Memorial Day to mid-August to assist when you leave the docks and when you return. They are prompt, friendly and efficient in carrying out our "You catch 'em - we clean 'em" policy;. The boys will prepare your fish. Your fish may be delivered to your cabin or can be stored in our freezers until you're ready to take them home with you. Incedentally, the dock boys also keep your boat dry, clean and ready to go.
The dock boys are also available tor the sale of gasoline (motor mixed or regular), minnows, worms, and leeches. You will find the dock staff anxious to lend a hand at anytime, and their help is especially appreciated when you're faced with unpacking or packing your car.
Coast Guard approved cushions and jackets are provided for resort rentals. Battery chargers are provided for rentals boats, and electricity for those bringing their own chargers for personal boats. An added convenience that saves steps is the availability of dockside charge cards.
In case you forget an item of fishing equipment, we have a bait and tackle shop where you can select from a wide variety of fishing fear, minnow buckets, dip nets, etc ...
Here are some photos of the waterfront:

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